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When you’re fresh out of school and kickstarting your own business as a makeup artist, you might feel stressed and worn down. Where do you begin? Who do you contact? How do you best showcase your skills to grow your business?

It doesn’t all happen overnight. With a hard work ethic, strong connections, and a willingness to throw yourself out there, you can do it! Once you graduate Chic Studios, we like to continue offering support and guidance. This blog post is meant to offer you a few tips along the way, so when you feel stumped, you tap into some fresh ideas.

Facebook Groups

Facebook has evolved into a platform where millions of people can connect not just as “friends,” but professionally as well. Ask yourself, “where does my ideal client hang out and what are their interests?” Then, search for those Facebook groups and kindly post about your services. You don’t have to get too “salesy” to be successful here. Rather, offer photos of your work, a description of what you’re best at, and engage with others in the group to get involved!

Tell Your Community, Family, and Friends

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you have a lot to show for it! Let your community, family, and friends know just what you’re capable of. Word of mouth is huge in any industry, and if people know what you can do, they can do some bragging for you. Sometimes we shy away from telling the people closest to us about our goals and ambitions, but it will prove worth it when you watch how others help you succeed. For example, you can start asking people to post a photo of the finished look if you do others makeup!

Create A Professional Social Media Account

You’ve probably heard this before, but trust us, it’s worth it to create a professional social media account separate from your personal account. This allows people to recognize your business easily. Also, by setting up a professional account, you can track analytics to see how your engagement is and if your posts are being shared to others. Make sure you include a concise bio describing your specialties, and a recognizable handle that will be easy to identify!

Find A Mentor

As a beauty student, you are surrounded by brilliant people in the beauty biz. Some of them have been in the field for years and with experience, come important lessons! It’s always a good idea to gain a mentor in the beauty community who can offer sound advice and tips on how to grow their business. If you can’t think of someone right away, remember the beauty of social media! You can always search keywords and reach out to people in the beauty community through LinkedIn, asking for a quick Zoom chat where you can pick their brain and talk all things beauty!

Attend Events (Virtual, In-Person, Whatever you can do!)

While not everyone is comfortable attending large in-person events, we still have the luxury of logging onto our laptops and collaborating with people virtually! These events are essential for building connections. You will also learn what people are doing across different sectors of the industry, improving your overall knowledge of the beauty landscape.

We’ve provided 5 quick tips that will help you grow your beauty business and gain new clients. Remember, however, it doesn’t stop here. At Chic Studios, we are always thinking of ways you can better succeed as a makeup artist, and we know our students and staff are there to help as well!

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