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Founder, Chic Studios, The Chic Experience + Co-Founder Chic Creative Community

Amy Nicole

“I’ve spent years in trial and error to figure out social media strategies, and various ways to make my business thrive, which was essential but exhausting. Chic Creative Community was created to help minimize those hours for other small businesses and start-ups, so they can get right to the point and maximize efforts and succeed!”

Amy is an entrepreneur at heart. After spending 20 years as a professional makeup artist, she created a career doing what she loves most, which is educating and empowering others.

Amy began her career in Canada, refining her knowledge and trade-skills, arriving at advance principles in makeup artistry techniques. She has been a valuable expert for leading beauty events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Canada working with top models and celebrities. Additionally, Amy has lent her expertise to broadcast realms and multiple designer fashion shows and events such as LA Street Fashion Week, NYFW and Beautycon.

Amy’s legacy with the Chic Studios brand was created out of a desire to develop a school that offered professional training, resources and the tools necessary to help makeup artists launch into a successful career. In 2020 Amy started actively creating the idea for live in-person workshops with hands-on experience of basic business, marketing, social media skills and knowledge and Chic Creative Community was born! She joined creative forces with business partner Courtney Miller, a social media and marketing expert.

Amy is an active member of her community and has sat on as a board member of organizations.