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Come learn, evolve, and be Chic with us!


Our Purpose

To bring people together through learning in a modern exciting way. Offering hands-on and virtual basic business, social media and marketing workshops and master classes. We support small business owners, hobbyists, artists, and female founders to level up with their online profiles and skill-set.

Our Vision

To connect with aspiring and current entrepreneurs through live in-person and virtual events, masterclasses, panels, and workshops.

Our Mission

To ignite confidence in others to empower themselves. To build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Chic Creative Community

A guiding light in modern education, with an inspiring community of creative entrepreneurs. With years of hands-on learning experience, our truly collaborative community of entrepreneurs offer smart business course solutions alongside live and virtual workshops, designed to make your business thrive today and in the future.

We understand finding the time to focus on yourself is often overlooked when creating a business, which is why our workshops and courses are designed to build your confidence, elevate your business, and inspire you to evolve.

Courses and workshops are created in modules enabling you to fine-tune specific areas of your business as you grow, evolve, and establish your needs. Plus you’ll have access to our community of inspiring entrepreneurs whom you can call on for expert advice throughout your journey.

Come learn, evolve, and be Chic with us!

Amy Nicole & Courtney Miller
Chic Founders

Workshops + Masterclasses

Come learn, evolve, and be Chic with us!

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