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Social Media Coach + Founder Miller Digital

Courtney Miller

“I believe that social media doesn’t have to be hard, and content creation doesn’t need to be so complicated.”

Courtney Miller is the Founder of Miller Digital and is a Social Media Coach teaching female entrepreneurs social media strategies. She has a background in marketing and business administration and started her business because she saw that there was a whole world of entrepreneurs who wanted to do their social media and content themselves but were struggling to implement strategy and systems to grow their brand with the ever-changing digital platforms. She took her background as a social media manager and love of teaching to coaching entrepreneurs how to DIY their social media with the latest techniques and strategies to grow their brands and scale their digital marketing goals.

Courtney is a strong believer in continuous education and collaborating with Amy Cohen to create Chic Creative Community was a natural fit for empowering business owners to grow their social and content marketing online and creating a supportive community for them to thrive.

Courtney has a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and a Digital Marketing & Social Media Certificate. She is also the Social Media Director for Wine, Women, Well-Being Kelowna.