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When you kickstart your business, you might be wondering, how do I let people know about it? How can I get my message out there? Marketing is the way to do it! We’ve included 5 simple but important tips below.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you dive into the business world, thinking about sales, legal, hiring, social media… marketing?! But, You’ve got this! With research, hardwork and attending a Chic Creative Community Masterclass, you can ace this business!

Hold an Event

Like any business coach will tell you (Courtney and Amy included!) connections are important. By holding an event, you’re spreading the word about your start up. Even if people can’t join, they know you’re holding a gathering, and that will spark conversation about your venture in itself (Did someone say ‘word- of – mouth’)

The people who attend your event will likely be interested in the industry in which you operate. They’ll want to build connections as well, and who knows where that could lead! This opportunity will also give you the chance to sharpen your speaking skills, and sell your business to the crowd. Why are you passionate about what you do? Let the attendees know! Ps. Networking in Kelowna? Check out Wine, Women, Well-Being Kelowna events!

Leverage Social Media

You’ve likely heard that before. But you’re onto something here… leveraging social media to grow your business is essential. But ‘how’ – you ask? Well, take a look at your audience and dial into what platforms your consumers favour. Perhaps many of them are Instagram users, or prefer to scroll through Twitter with their coffee every morning. Maybe their facebook group enthusiasts. Know what platforms to exist on, and from there, learn how to best market yourself on those platforms and then girl, lean in!

When you start your business, reach out via LinkedIn to see others who were in similar positions when they started out. Learning from experienced individuals on social media strategy is worth every conversation. Hiring a social media manager is also something to look into. Expertise on marketing your venture on social media is worth the time and investment. When people see your brand on social media, you want them to notice your competitive edge right away! Oh and did you know we teach this very exact thing in our Chic Creative Community masterclass: Social Media 1.0

Conduct Market Research

In a way, this tip goes hand in hand with leveraging social media. To access your audience, you need to know who they are. Who they really are. When are they online? What platforms do they use? How long do they spend on those platforms? What are their spending habits like? What are their beliefs? How can you cater your product and services to them? The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to reach them. Yes, we have thought a LOT about this too – come learn with us at Chic Creative Community, our masterclasses: Marketing Essentials 1.0 and Social Media 2.0.

Gain Media Coverage

I know what you’re thinking. Gaining media coverage is easier said than done! It’s always worth a shot. People consume news daily, whether it’s a digital news subscription or an app on their phone. If your venture is newsworthy, pitch it! Press releases are an affordable way of gaining attention and landing your business page in a well-known publication. A good way to start this process is by hunting down journalists who write about your industry (tip: check their IG accounts, and follow them, like their posts, engage with them, then, maybe a message?). Once you have that list down, write a press release and show the world why your business is interesting enough to read about! We’ve got the masterclass for you, check out Chic Creative Community Business Basics.

Create Business Branding

Sometimes in business, people do judge a book by its cover. Your branding is yet another opportunity to set your marketing strategy apart from competitors. Think about what colors and imagery best showcase your business, and how it looks on a shelf next to similar products. If you run a service-based company, think about what graphics stand out to demonstrate your skills. And of course, probably the most important, make sure you fall in love with the branding. Afterall, it’s your company, so you should love it first. We cover branding in our masterclass: Marketing Essentials 1.0 and our Basic Business would be a great class to follow.

With these 5 marketing tips and @ChicCreativeCommunity cheering you on, this will help get you started! Join us for an upcoming masterclass or workshop!

Remember, if you choose to skip on these tips, your competitors may not! Take control of your business. By putting in the work, so you stand out.

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